2014 – about disappearance (关于消逝)


The pace of disappearance is rapid in current Beijing: traces of history, of individuals, of traditions are vanishing more and more. Censorship and political masterplans write history and future as the communist party wishes them to be like.
How does disappearance appear to individuals? How can it be forced or prevented? Does vanish also mean oblivion?

TRAILER       ///         TEASER

performer: Huang Xiaoyu, Huang Yiping, Huang Yuling, Li Pei, Liang Jingran, Liu Chao, Liu Zhong Yuan, Tang Dongyang, Wu Shangyi, Xiao Tong, Xiong Ruoqi, Zhang Jiashi, Zhang Ruohu and Zhu Sujie

director: Matthias Jochmann
directors assistant: Wang Annie

with support by: Li Yinan, Central Acadamy for Drama Beijing, Goethe Institut China (Peter Anders, Yu Xiao, He Jian)

20.06.2014, Penghao Theatre Beijing
21.06.2014, Penghao Theatre Beijing

made possible by the artist residency for performing arts, granted by Goethe-Instituts China 2014


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