matthias jochmann

© Benny S. Panjaitan

Matthias is a project manager, fundraiser and radio/podcast producer, currently living in Berlin/Germany. He loves building new bridges especially in transnational contexts. Major work experiences in Europe, China, Indonesia, Palestine, Chile, Argentina.

Since 2001 he worked as performer at theaters in Bonn/Germany, since 2004 as a directors assistant at major theaters Germany and Chile. In 2004 Matthias was co-founder of the film production SceneMissing, where he worked as scriptwriter, co-producer and line producer, especially for the feature film ‚Rolltreppe abwärts‘ which was released in cinemas all across Germany in 2006.

He studied at the institute for Applied Theater Studies, where Heiner Goebbels was one of his most important influences, and was a guest student for acting and directing in Santiago de Chile in 2011.

As a theater director, between 2012 and 2017 Matthias staged numerous productions in Germany, China and Argentina. His works were invited to the National Theater of Greece and to festivals in China, Poland, England, Germany, Austria.

2017-2018 he was artistic supervisor of the film project ‚Film Walks‘, which premiered as guest screening at the Berlin International Film Festival 2018.

Since 2015 he produces radio documentaries for German radio stations, such as RBB, DLF, SWR, and podcasts, e.g. for the State Ministry of Saxony.

Collaborations with NGOs and social entrepreneurs brought him to Portugal and Cameroon.

Matthias received various scholarships and grants in Germany, China, Japan and South Korea.

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