2016 – Unsere Wünsche gab uns Mao. Eure Wünsche könnt ihr kaufen.

radio documentary


Four young Chinese interview their grandparents of life during the Cultural Revolution, when surviving was the most important. It is the first time they break the cultural habits of asking about the dark past and listening to experiences they would have never linked to their own family members. They compare their grandparents experiences with their lives of today, when urban China is well developed and international influences are growing.
The radio documentary gives insights into the Chinese history of the past 50 years and frames national history in very personal perspectives.


script: Matthias Jochmann
speaker: Luise Deborah Daberkow, Jutta Hoffmann, Henrike van Kuick, Michael Mendl, Christine Österlein, Thea Rasche, Meike Schmitz, Barbara Schnitzler
sound: Nikolaus Löwe, Venke Decker, Susanne Bronder
directors assistant: Andreja Andrisevic
director: Andrea Getto
editor: Mareike Maage
prodction: Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg 2016

on air
22.05.2016, 14:04 Uhr, RBB