2018 – Film Wanderungen | Film Walks

What does it mean to live in a neighbourhood? What does the place where you live mean to you? Who lives next-door? In the summer of 2017, 140 people who live on and around Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in Berlin’s ‘Mitte’ district were interviewed. These conversations were turned into a series of short films that provide personal insights into diverse lives. Behind each door there’s a different story: long-standing Mitte dwellers, founders of start-ups, centenarians, globetrotters, those pining for the old East Germany, and students. There are people who have lived here for two months or sixty years; people who grew up in what used to be East or West Germany, in Latin America, Russia, or former Yugoslavia. A neighbourhood full of diversity and contradictions. Some call it their home, others just the place they live, while still others think of it as a real neighbourhood or ‘kiez’. And yet, memories and emotions associated with this place connect them all as neighbours. Visitors to the Berlinale are invited into the living rooms around Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz to watch the films, meet the neighbours and perhaps even begin conversations of their own.

documentary series, 31 episodes, total duration: 7:43h

artistic and technical supervision: Matthias Jochmann, Kathrin Unger
production: Phenomen Berlin Filmproduktion, Phenomen Trust
producers: Ilya Khrzhanovsky, Susanne Marian
project coordination: Christophe Knoch

camera + interviews: Lisann Behm, Lili Duchow, Kai Ehlers, Yannick Geske, Gilberto Giardini, Ana Hupe, Thomas Kowalski, Helena Kühnemann, Julie Kuschel, Simón Lobos, Hannes Raphael Beere, Anne Retzlaff, Carlotta-Marie Romano, Donata Schmidt Werthern, Linda Udre, Hannah Ugé, Kathrin Unger, Marlon Weber, Julius Weigel, Laura Wiegand, Leon Wienhold, Yasmin El Yassini
editors: Lili Duchow, Ana Hupe, Thomas Kowalski, Helena Kühnemann, Donata Schmidt Werthern, Marlon Weber, Julius Weigel, Laura Wiegand
organisation Film Walks: Lisann Behm, Hannes Raphael Beere, Anne Retzlaff, Yasmin El Yassini, Simón Lobos

music: Il Civetto (Leo Schulz, Leon Bollinger, Leon Keiditsch, Tristan Böttger, Lars Löffler-Oppermann, Robert Kondorosi)
design layout: Olivia Rynkiewicz

thanks to: Tara Afsah, Pit Bredimus, Maksym Demydenko, Katja Deutschmann, Laurence Froggatt, Andrej Goduljan, Ksenia Gorenstein, Belka Gorlanova, David Hull, Laura Kaltwasser, Natalia Klug, Barbara Göbel, Jagath Kumarasinghe, Florine Lindner, Elo Masing, Caspar von Moltke, Reinfried Musch, Elina Nikolaeva, Mex Schlüpfer, Susanne Schnorbusch, Clarissa Seidel, Olesya Sergeeva, Alexandra Timofaeva, Eric Zapel

special thanks to:
all interviewees
Perspektive Deutsches Kino (Linda Söffker, Jennifer Stahl, Steven Rupp, Peter Riedl, Antonia Pössinger, Sarah Hoffmann)